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Last update 4. 7. 2011: Added new photos and info of Ragdoll and British kittens.
Are you interested in breeing and exhibiting blue-eye Ragdoll or fabulously white-silver green-eye British? Or you just want to have a show-successful pet animal? Or you don't want to pursue breeding nor exhibiting, but you want to have an attractive companion out of a fine breed? If so, do not hesitate to contact us! We will find an appropriate solution for all options. I'll gladly give an advice to all starting owners of kittens from my breeding station.

Welcome on a presentation of my Ragdoll Breed and British Shorthair Cat Breed.

BritkaBreeding station EMINUS is registered by the International Organization of Cat Breeders FIFE, where it's necessary to observe the strict rules. In our breeding station we take care of that our cats and their kittens are healthy with a great character. For shows and breeding we sell the best Ragdoll kittens and British Cat kittens, which have all exterior prerequisities for doing well even in the strongest contest.

We achieve this by careful selection of breeding cats and males, which we buy only in an excellent breeding stations, by providing the best feed and constant veterinary care to our cats and by solicitous breeding of born kittens. The love to animals leads me whole my life, that's why I'm interested in that our cats will have loving home even after leaving our breeding station.

New owners will take away a kitty reared in homely ambience, healthy, socialized and with hygienic habits. It't up to the new owners to continue the developement in an appropriate way so that the kitten has a right home a will become a new family member. Improper dealing with the kitten may lead to that the kitten become a spoiled tyran and even (in the worst case) will raise into a diffident, fearful poor little thing. It is needed to pay an attantion that the kitten will become into a beloved and loving being. Such a kitten will be not only an attractive companion to a new owner in his house, but also a source of joy, love, pleasure and in the not least place – pride. I'm willing to, according to my possibilities and experience, help to starting breeders or unexperienced owners with bringing kittens up or with the presence on the first show.