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Ragdoll kittens currently for sale from litter P, litter R

Litter P

On 19th April, 2011 five kittens to Rosie Lovelly Queen of Eulalie and Louisedoll Prince narodilo were born. There are 3 boys and 2 girls. The colors of kittens are tentavively choco, lila and lila lynx, all in mitted.

male Patricio Pal Eminus — available

Male in lila colorpoint color grows into beauty, has gorgeous blue eyes, loves cuddling and romping. He is sitable particularly for a buyer who wants a tomcat for shows and breed (in familial conditions).

male Prince Phillip Eminus — booked for Delphine (France)

Prince is the biggest kitty of the litter, has a perfectly mitted coloration, strong body and a very cuddlesome nature. He has all the prerequisities for growing into a big and strong tomcat. Loves various games.

male Paollo choco darling — already in a new home in Litoměřice (Czech)

Tireless cuddly pet in a choco mitted color with perfect signs. Is suitable for a buyer who wants an attractive pet or for shows and breed.

female Praline Lilly Eminus — booked for Lucia (Germany)

Praline has gorgeous coloration – lila lynx colorpoint. She is a sweet kitty suitable for shows and breed. Has kind and calm nature.

female Princess Patricia Eminus — already in a new home in Prague

Princess is in a lila mitted coloration, has all prerequisities to be a successful showing and breeding pussycat.

Litter R

On 1. 9. 2011 five kittens were born to our Naorahragdolls Patty – four girls and a boy. Tomcat is in a blue mitted color, females are in a blue tortie mitted color. They are the first kittens of our young Patty, but she handles the birth and a consequent care after kittens perfectly. Father is Ernie von Sachsenland. More information will come in a few days.

Other kittens from these litters are already in new homes. We wish them and their new owners only the best in their new joint life, of course we wish the same to all our preceeding kittens…

If you are interested in the kitten, do not hasitate to contat us via email eminus@seznam.cz, or by phone +420 737 291 506. We will give you details, you can arrange non-binding meeting in our breeding station in Lovosice, to find out the environment where our cats grow up.