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Terms of kittens sale

We do not sale the kittens for breeding, which is defined by agreement, not even to those for which is a kitty a source of income and don't mind the cat's health or breeding rules.

We demand a personal meeting from forthcoming owners, preferably a visit of our breeding station before the purchase, if it is possible.

Kittens leave home not before the age of 13–14 weeks, they are reared according to the breeding rules of Czech union of cat breeders (Český svazu chovatelů koček) and we sell them only with a certificate of origin. Buyer will obtain contract of sale, vaccination card and pedigree. When the kitten is sold as a "pet" we require an document of neutering. (After purchasing this kitten, buyer will recieve only a copy od the certificate of origin, the original document will recieve after documentating the neutering in the kitten age of 1 year.) Kittens grow up in familial and fond environment, are fully socialized, hygiene learnt. Naturally we are not regardness of the environment where our kittens are going to and that's why we reserve a possibility of visiting you and we will be pleased, when you will keep us periodically informed about your new kitten.

So do you, we offer a possible help to a starting breeders or showers, be it an advice or in a different manner. Kittens are regularly checked up by veterinarian and before the sale they are several timer dewormed, vaccinated (kittens for breeding have an identification microchip and an international vaccination card).

We demand a subsequent contact with information about the health and growth of your kitten. In the case of that we find out, that the kitten is neglected by the new owner or even abused, we preserve a right to take the kitten back.

If the new owner decides to sell the kitten from any reason, he is mandatory to inform us and to offer us this kitten for selling-off first (pre-emptive right). If you are interested in kittens from our breed and you are ready to take care of it properly, don't hasitate to contact me.